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As you all know, the beautiful and I painted the great room this past weekend, which means this is the last time you will ever have butterscotch pudding in your face on this blog. Unless of course I make some butterscotch pudding and feature it. To be honest, I have never made butterscotch pudding, so the chances that will happen are super slim.

Here are some before shots to refresh your memory.

As for the new colour? Well, you saw it on Monday’s Weekend Warrior post, but for the sake of conversation, if I had to compare it to food, it’s more like that gruel Neo is given in The Matrix, but that is a terrible thing to compare our new walls to.

To make up for it, I’m going to compare it to an animal. Specifically, the little guy on the left at the top.

See what I did there? I opened with that picture so you were presented with adorableness, talked about something less than appealing, and then made you look back at that adorable picture again to clean your mental palette.

Go ahead, look again.

I don’t mind.

Aside: who wants to smother me in baby otters? Anyone? I would die a very happy man.

What? Oh. Right! We painted!

It actually didn’t take us as long as we expected due to the fact that it didn’t need to go all the way to the ceiling and that there are a lot of open areas on the walls because of doors, windows, a fireplace, cabinets, etc. We did stretch it over two days though because we got started late on Saturday and wanted to let it completely dry to see where we stood.

Then we got back to it a little later on Sunday because at the time, waking up and painting felt akin to waking up and having someone punch you in the face. Especially since we could wake up and relax with a couple mugfulls of coffee instead.

Once we’d finished, we moved pretty quick to get all of the furniture back in place. Like I said on Monday, we’d covered every surface the fluffy one normally slumbered upon and we were just super excited to see how it all came together.

The verdict?

The walls are amazing.

The decor is fantastic.

The furniture is eh.

The floors could be darker.

As a whole though,we’re getting there! It’s really strating to feel like our house and I can’t really complain about the furniture and floors because they just are what they are for now. It’s just that as far as cohesion and our style goes, they could be better and eventually, they will be, and all of you will bear witness to it!

What colour is your living space? Do you like it or wish it were different?